Floatant Products

  • Do you still make Hydrostop?

    We no longer make Hydrostop.  Hydrostop was an effective method of pre-treating dry flies so that they’d float higher and longer.  Unfortunately, Hydrostop required a full 24 hours to dry in order to perform correctly.  In our experience, this caused a significant reduction in its usefulness to t...
  • Fly Dip leaves my flies white. Is this normal?

    Yes.  We tested Fly Dip for two years before it was released and here is what we have found: the component that imparts the white color to flies increases the performance of the product substantially. Furthermore, it aids in Fly Dip’s ability to revive soggy flies.
  • How do I choose between floatants?

    Here are a few general guidelines: If you only want to carry one floatant: Fly Dip.  It pretreats flies so they will float higher for longer and will also revive soggy flies. If you’re up for carrying two: it's best to choose one of Aquel/Lochsa/Royal Gel and then add Top Ride.  The gels should...
  • How do you clean up spilled Aquel off of clothing and waders?

    All gel floatants are developed to keep flies dry.  This means that they don’t play well with water, and therefore cleaning them presents a unique challenge.  Our recommendation for cleaning any spilled gel floatant is to use a mild detergent and the warmest water that you can safely use, scrubbi...
  • I fish a lot of CDC flies. What floatant can I use?

    Here is a list of floatants that work with CDC: Lochsa, Top Ride, Blue Ribbon, Easy Dry, Loon Dust, Fly Spritz II, Fly Dip. SHOP Floatants https://loonoutdoors.com/collections/floatants