What is the difference between the different UV resins?

We offer three thicknesses of UV resin: Thick, Thin, and Flow.  Which one is right for you will depend on what you want to do with it.  Here are some general guidelines for when to use each:

Thick has a similar thickness to honey.  It's great for building very quickly, so use it when you want to add mass (coating big heads, large wing cases, or big intruder bodies).

Thin has a similar thickness to warm syrup.  It's great for when you want to coat a thread head to give it a “glassy” look, build a small wing case, coat a small baitfish head, or coat a body.  It won’t build as quickly as THICK, and won’t soak into thread wraps like FLOW.  While it isn’t as specialized as either, it is more versatile.

Flow has a similar thickness to water.  It's great when you want your UV resin to disappear.  It will soak into thread wraps and is perfect as a head cement replacement.  It works perfectly for coating bodies when you want to add minimal mass.

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