Fly Tying Products

  • Fly Tying Replacement Needle Instructions

    The applicator needles included with the Water Based Head Cement System and all UV Fly Tying resins allow for needles to be easily changed depending on the application.  Here is how to remove the tip cap from the lid and to attach the applicator needles.
  • How do you clean UV Resin from brushes and applicator needles?

    The best bet for cleaning an applicator brush or needles is to use isopropyl alcohol to break up the resin, and then a towel, toothpick, or a Q-tip to remove the wet resin.
  • My colored UV resins are really light. What can I do to make them brighter?

    As these bottles of resin sit, the pigment can settle to the bottom.  Mixing them prior to use should do the trick!
  • My Hard Head is separated and/or gummy in the bottle. What can I do?

    If your Hard Head isn’t looking quite right or is seeming thicker than it should, then try thinning it using either Loon WB Thinner or a mix of 50% water/50% isopropyl alcohol.  This method will likely work if the Hard Head is just a little thicker than it should be.  If it has completely separat...
  • My WB Head Cement looks white in the bottle. Is that normal?

    Yes.  Rest assured, the WB Head Cement will go on and dry clear. Shop WB Head Cement Shop WB Head Cement System
  • UV Clear Fly Finish FAQ's

    UV Clear Fly Finish is an amazing product when used correctly.  Below are some FAQ's. Sometimes my UV Clear Fly Finish turns yellow Regardless of brand, UV resins are prone to yellowing.  This is because when UV light hits resin, it degrades the epoxy polymers, causing "ambering".  There are man...
  • UV Infiniti Light instructions

    Below is the UV Infiniti Light instructions that include modes, charging, and other features.
  • What is the difference between the different UV resins?

    We offer three thicknesses of UV resin: Thick, Thin, and Flow.  Which one is right for you will depend on what you want to do with it.  Here are some general guidelines for when to use each:  THICK Thick has a similar thickness to honey.  It's great for building very quickly, so use it when you ...
  • Which UV light should I buy?

    All Loon UV lights and Loon UV resins were developed and tested together, so they will deliver the best, most predictable results.  Here is a general rundown on Loon UV lights and their best uses: UV Nano Light (MSRP $20.00) This is an awesome light, perfect for curing UV Knot Sense or UV Wader ...
  • Why is my UV resin curing tacky?

    If the resin is not hardening and seeming gummy then something isn't right.  If it is hardening but remaining slightly tacky, then it could be within the realm of 'normal'. I'll give you a quick solution, and then provide you with an explanation of the problem.  After curing the resin with your ...
  • Why won’t my UV resin cure?

    There are a few different possible reasons. The UV Light you are using is not correct In order to cure Loon UV resins, your flashlight needs to emit UV light between 395 – 415nm.  All of Loon's UV lights work in this range.  If you choose to use a UV light from another manufacturer, please check...