Which UV light should I buy?

Which UV light should I buy?
All Loon UV lights and Loon UV resins were developed and tested together, so they will deliver the best, most predictable results.  Here is a general rundown on Loon UV lights and their best uses:

UV Nano Light (MSRP $20.00)
This is an awesome light, perfect for curing UV Knot Sense or UV Wader Repair in the field.  It’s small and lightweight and fits great in a backpack or vest.  If your fly tying is sporadic and you’re looking for a UV light that will cure thin applications of resin but don’t want to make the investment in a more powerful light, this could be a good option.

UV Bench Light (MSRP $40.00)
This is the most common light to find on a fly tying bench.  If you’re a casual fly tyer or wanting to get started using UV resins, then this is the light for you.  Getting a cheaper light might not give you the results that you want, and you might not notice the difference of going bigger or more powerful.

UV Infiniti Light (MSRP $60.00)
This is a premium light that will handle everything a tyer can throw at it.  It is rechargeable using a USB cable, so you’ll be able to maximize performance without throwing away batteries.  This is a great light if you’re tying a lot, value being able to recharge your batteries, and wanting to cure thick applications of resin.

UV Plasma Light (MSRP $100.00)
The UV Plasma Light is the most powerful light fly tying light available, which means it offers the best possible cure.  It will provide a deep and solid cure, reduces tackiness, and achieves a full cure quicker than any other UV light.  It is rechargeable, which means that you’re not replacing dead batteries or dealing with a diminished performance due to drained batteries.  If you love tying flies, want the best and fastest cure, value being able to recharge your batteries, and only the best will do, then the UV Plasma Light is the light for you.

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