Where can I learn to tie flies?

Tying flies is an awesome way to round out the sport of fly fishing.  How best to learn to tie flies comes down to personal preference.  Even if you’re a hands-on, teach-myself kind of person, you will benefit immensely from instruction of some kind.  This instruction could come in the form of a book (yes, the paper product with words and pictures), the internet, or best yet: your local fly shop.

Your local shop will be able to teach you not just to tie flies in general, but to tie flies for your home water.  Furthermore, they’ll be able to offer you feedback on what you’re doing right (and wrong) and help you improve faster as a tyer.

We have compiled a sizable collection of videos that demonstrate how to tie certain patterns, but also how to use tools properly.  Click HERE to go to our library of fly tying videos.

“A wise man learns more from a fool than a fool does from a wise man.” This is also true of fly tying.  Great tyers never (ever) stop learning.

Jan 19, 2021

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