Streamside Tools Products

  • How does the Magnetic Net Release work?

    Fasten one of the clips of the Magnetic Net Release to your pack, jacket, or vest, and the other to your net.  The included Velcro strap can be used in lieu of the clip, to fasten the magnet to the hoop of your net.
  • How do I get Nip n Sip replacement blades?

    We are currently experiencing an issue with the manufacturing of replacement blades for the Nip n Sip 2.0.  If the blades on your Nip n Sip 2.0 are dull and compromising performance, then we’re happy to treat this as a warranty issue.  Please click HERE to begin the warranty process.
  • How do I use the Ergo Knot Tool?

    Below are the instructions for how to use the Ergo Knot Tool as well as how to tie a nail knot, blood knot, grip knot, and Albright knot.
  • How do I use the Hook Hone?

    The key to using the Hook Hone is to get a firm grip on your fly, and always run it point-first down the sharpening surface.  If you run it the opposite way (bend first) then you will build up a burr on the hook point, wasting your sharpening efforts.  There is a fine side, and a coarse side, all...
  • What streamside tools do I need?

    At the very least you should carry something that cuts, and something that pinches.  (And no, your teeth and fingers don’t check these boxes).  Nippers or a pair of forceps with a cutting surface are essential for cutting off tag ends of tippet and removing lengths of tippet from the spool.  Forc...
  • Why are your “stainless steel” tools magnetic?

    “Stainless steel” refers to a group of metals that meet certain criteria but can vary in exact composition. Some of the metals that fall under the heading “stainless steel” are not magnetic, while others are. Almost all of our stainless steel tools are composed of magnetic stainless steel becaus...