How do I choose a pair of tying scissors?

If you tie flies then you need great scissors.  But in the same way that a caddy doesn’t just hand a golfer a random club, we want to direct you to the scissors that were designed with your ideal use in mind.  That means better flies and a more enjoyable time at your bench.

When deciding on scissors, ASK THESE QUESTIONS:

Are these scissors sharp?
Tying scissors need to be sharp.  That’s why
every pair of our scissors is hand-honed
right here in the USA before they
arrive at your bench.

Which materials am I using?
Scissors cut tying materials, whether
that means thread, feathers, hair or
foam.  For best results match your
scissors to the materials you’re using.

What size of fly am I tying?
Sorry, but scissors aren’t one-size-fits-all.
You’ll be pleased with the efficiency of
being sure to pair your scissor size
to your fly size.

What fits best in MY hand?
We can tell you how these scissors were
designed, but we can’t tell you what fits
your hands best.  Go to your local fly shop
and hold our scissors.

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