What is the best way to clean up spills?

When it comes to cleaning up spills, there are a few best practices.  These hold true whether the product in question is Aquel, WB Head Cement, Hard Head, or any of our UV resins (including UV Fly Finish, UV Knot Sense, and UV Wader Repair):
  1. Alcohol is your friend.  A little bit of rubbing alcohol can help cut the resin, break it down, and make it easier to remove.  Whether the spill occurred on your jacket, hands, tying bench or waders, alcohol is a great way to remove the spilled product without causing any damage.
  2. Use warm water.  A bit of mild soap or detergent will also be helpful, but warm water will denature the product and help to remove it.  Do not burn yourself, but do use the warmest water that you can safely handle.
  3. Act quickly. Even if you don’t have access to alcohol or hot water right away, addressing a spill as quickly as possible will make cleanup easier in the long run.  Remove as much as possible with a napkin or a rag, and then wipe the affected area with a wet napkin or rag.  It might not totally resolve the issue, but it will help to minimize staining.

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