Line Care Products

  • Can I use Line Speed on textured fly lines?

    Yes.  Line Speed was engineered to keep lines supple by filling in cracks and imperfections in a line, but it won’t affect the texture intentionally designed to improve a line’s performance.
  • Can I use these Line Care products on sinking or intermediate lines?

    No.  For sinking lines the only line treatment is Sink Fast.  It works well as a line cleaner, and will not affect the sink rate. Shop Sink Fast
  • How do I clean my fly line? And how often should I clean my fly line?

    A dirty line may be the reason your floating line isn’t floating the way it used to. Here are a few simple steps to ensure that you get the most out of your line.  Also included are suggested treatments for your line: EVERY TIME YOU FISH Avoid getting your line dirty.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable...
  • What is the difference between the line care products?

    Stream Line is a lubricant only.  Lubricating a line is awesome because it improves casting distance and accuracy.  Fishing guides have been known to leave a bottle in their boat to give their clients any advantage that they can. Shop Stream Line S...