How do I use UV Knot Sense?

UV Knot Sense will add a little extra strength to knots, as well as smooth them out so they are less likely to get caught on grass or scum on the surface.  Also, if you need (or choose) to remove the welded loop from the end of your fly line, UV Knot Sense will prevent the core of your line from absorbing water.  Here is how to use UV Knot Sense to coat, protect, and strengthen your knots:

  1. MOVE INDOORS OR AT LEAST INTO A SHADED AREA.  UV Knot Sense cures in seconds so it can be applied in the field or at home.
  2. Add a dab of resin to the knot.
  3. Using a bodkin or toothpick (or something similar) to spread the resin around the knot.
  4. Once the UV Knot Sense has the desired shape, expose it to direct sunlight or use a Loon Outdoors UV light to cure.
  5. Curing should be complete within 15 seconds.

If the first application wasn’t just right then repeat with a second application.

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